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Bringing your baby home – the essentials

Newborns have simple needs – blankets, clothes, nappies, a safe place to sleep. But unless you've done it before, it's difficult to know exactly what to buy before you bring your precious baby home.

We've created a checklist of essentials (along with some nice-to-have extras) so you can get the practical necessities ready for your new baby.

If you're about to have your first and need to stock up on the essentials, think about setting up a Dimples Gift Registry so friends and family can help.


Essentials Checklist

Clothing Essentials

The must-haves  

Nice to have

Playtime Essentials

Hygiene Essentials

The must-haves  

Nice to have

Sleep Essentials

Nice to have

Bath Essentials

Nice to have

Out and About essentials

Nice to have

  •  Carry Cot

Skincare Essentials

  •  Shampoo
  •  Body Wash
  •  Massage Oil
  •  Face and Body Lotion

Laundry Essentials

  •  Earthwise wool and delicates
  •  Wonder Soap
  •  Persil Sensitive liquid
  •  Bucket with Lid
  •  Nappy Bucket with lid for cloth nappies, a bin for disposables is also handy.

Breast Feeding Essentials

  •  Small Bottles
  •  Steriliser
  •  Haakaa Breast Pump
  •  Spare Teats
  •  Breast Milk Containers or Bags

Nice to have

  •  Nursing Pillow
  •  Bottle Drying Rack

Great gift ideas

Dimples gift registry makes things really easy for you to make sure you get everything you need for your baby's arrival.