Infant Sleep Aids

Discover the Benefits of Sleep Aids

The building blocks for your baby’s health and development begin with adequate sleep, but it can sometimes be a bit of a song and dance to get them to sleep. If you’re finding it difficult to get your little one to bed, you’re not alone, and Dimples is here to help. Sleep aids are designed to make falling asleep easier without our presence or assistance required. For toddlers, a favourite stuffed animal may serve as a sleep aid. For newborns, a noisemaker can help lull them into a deeper and longer sleep.

Lulla Doll

This infant sleep aid is perfect for children a little bit older who still need some assistance when falling asleep. This doll mimics the closeness and comfort of a parent with the soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat and will help your baby fall asleep faster and for longer. This design is based on research that shows that closeness improves sleep, well-being, and safety in children. By imitating the intimacy of a parent sleeping with their child, this doll allows your baby and you to get a whole night’s sleep.

Baby Shusher

The Baby Shusher is a rhythmic shushing device created by parents for parents to help settle children at their most fussy moments. This infant sleep aid device draws on the tried-and-true tactic of hushing your baby when it's crying to put them in a mesmerising state to help them sleep. The shushing noises help remind the baby of being inside the womb, where blood flow and other utero noises were commonplace, making it the perfect sleep aid for newborns. In addition to being portable, its compact design makes it an ideal accessory for settling a fussy baby when you're on the go, at home, or even in the car.

Infant sleep aids are a fantastic tool to help parents put their children to bed and keep them there! Discover the benefits of sleep aids with Dimples and give your baby and yourself a better night’s sleep. Browse our range below.

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