Dimples Merino


Even with all of the incredible man-made discoveries and advancements, when it comes to your baby, often it’s still best to start with nature. Merino wool truly is nature’s miracle – its warm, soft breathable fibres will keep your baby comfortable and safe.

Dimples’ premium merino is sourced from New Zealand’s finest sheep stations – a truly renewable, natural fibre.

Natural and renewable

By dressing your baby in Dimples’ merino day and night, you’ll be leaving the world a better place for the next generation. That’s because merino fibre comes from a sustainable, renewable source – merino sheep. Every year they eat grass and grow their wool so you can have the fibre that is not only great for your baby, but for the environment too. Bonus!

Year-round comfort

Insulation is the key to merino. All those little pockets of air create a perfect atmosphere around your baby’s body, keeping warmth in on cold days, and even cooling them down on a hot day. It takes a while for an infant to develop effective body temperature regulation – Dimples’ merino clothing and sleepwear provide the insulation they need while they are tiny.

Flame resistant

Merino is the safest fabric for your baby. While other fabrics burn, Merino doesn’t burn or melt when exposed to flame – it just chars a bit and then goes out. It’s good to know your baby is much safer from fire, including the sun’s UV rays, when dressed in Dimples’ merino.

Keeps its shape

Whatever you do with Dimples’ merino, it keeps its shape – wash it, put it on your active baby and see it stretch and grow. Merino fibre has a ‘memory’ that makes it spring back into shape after each wash.

Warm, dry, breathable

Merino wool has the almost-magical ability to both absorb moisture (30% of its weight) and also dry quickly. It has microscopic, overlapping scales that shed water to the outside and wick away fluid from the inside. Your baby stays dry, warm and free of skin rashes.

Silky soft

Not all merino is created equal – New Zealand merino fibres are whiter, stronger and longer than anywhere else in the world. That’s why Dimples selects only the best NZ merino wool for garments that are finer and softer than any other on the market, wash after wash.

Reduces skin allergies

Our superfine, pure merino wool is naturally hypoallergenic, and perfect for most babies with eczema, allergies or sensitive skin – no itchiness!

Better sleep

Warm and breathable, merino wool fibres trap warm, dry air, and release moisture. This magical combination of properties has been scientifically proven to help your baby stay peacefully asleep throughout the night. They’ll stay warm as it gets cooler, and won’t overheat.

Stain resistant

The natural structure of merino fibre makes it resist smells, dirt and stains. You can wash and dry it many times, and even refresh your baby’s outfit just by giving it an outdoor airing. It’s fast-drying and dust resistant too.

Repels odours

Because merino wool has a unique relationship with water – both absorbing it in the core of the fibre and repelling it on the surface – it doesn’t trap odours and the bacteria that cause them. No matter how smelly things get, Dimples’ merino clothing will stay fresher for longer.

The downside of man-made fibres

Man-made fabrics are one-trick ponies – they might cover your baby, but they don’t breathe or manage moisture, they retain smells and they should be treated with a chemical to make them safe in a fire. Merino has all the complex benefits of natural fibre, and it looks good on your little one too.


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