Nightlight Dos and Don’ts

Placement Needs to be Precise

While it may be more for you than your little one, a nightlight’s gentle glow works wonders in your nursery. In those early stages, the night light becomes your secret ally, aiding those midnight diaper changes and night-time feedings. Position the night light strategically near the spots you'll frequent, such as the changing table or crib. However, remember not to place it too near your baby's bed. Even a dim, soft light can distract some babies and interfere with sleep.

Your Light Shouldn’t be Too Bright

It's no surprise, but let's emphasise it anyway: your nightlight should never be too bright! Aim for a gentle glow ranging from 4 to 7 watts. You'll also want to ensure the light is shaded and diffused, creating a soft and soothing ambience. This way, your baby won't be startled or disturbed by any harsh glares.

Avoid Blue Light, Aim for Red or Yellow

Here's an interesting titbit: did you know that blue light can disrupt sleep? It's true! Blue light hinders the body's release of melatonin, the magical hormone that induces sleep. To create a sleep-friendly environment, steer clear of blue-toned nightlights and opt for those that emit warm, cosy hues like red or yellow. These gentle shades create a soothing atmosphere, embracing your little one with a calming glow that promotes restful slumber.

Make your nights easier and your little ones’ dreams peaceful by grabbing a nightlight from dimples today.

Whether you're warning off the monsters under the bed or lighting the way during midnight trips to your little ones' room, a nightlight is an indispensable addition to any nursery. Discover our enchanting collection of baby nightlights and let the comforting radiance cast away any fears and create a cosy atmosphere.

Explore our selection below and discover how a nightlight will help you as much as Bub.

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