Benefits of Carrycot Prams

While the classic pushchair is perfectly fine for your baby, a carrycot is specifically geared towards newborns and can make things a bit easier during those initial months – and as any new parent knows, you’ll need all the help you can get during this stage. A carrycot is like a bassinet that you attach to your stroller, which allows your baby to lie flat. Newborns’ bones are soft, and their necks aren't very strong, so they need to lie flat on their backs during this stage of their development. That's why we believe carrycot prams and their flat design are a must-have for new parents. But the benefits don't stop there!

Safe, Easy Sleep

The flat design of a carrycot pram will help your little one get more sleep while you're out and about. Our products have a simple detach mechanism, allowing for a seamless transition from walking around to driving home without the danger of waking your baby up.

In and out in a Flash

Carrycot prams often do not need straps, so there is no need to fiddle with buckles or straps when getting your baby in and out. The flat design means there will be no more frustrating fights as you try to get them into the cot.

Create a Safe Baby Bed Anytime Anywhere

Carrycot prams are far more portable than traditional strollers, and unlike portable capsule seats, they have no sleep limit – making them a fantastic portable bed. If you are visiting friends, it's as simple as putting the cot in a separate room, and off to bed they go!

Going out Doesn’t Have to be a Headache

With a carrycot pram, going out with your newborn becomes a breeze. Simply lay them down in the flat design and watch them drift off to sleep. Get more done during these early stages of parenthood with a carrycot from Dimples.

A carrycot may not be on every new parent’s must-have list, but we think it should be! The completely flat design of a carrycot means your baby will be more comfortable and safer while you’re on the move. Outsmart naptime with our range carrycot prams.

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