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Why Baby Seats are so Important – Debunking Car Seat Myths

Baby seats allow you and your young family to get out and explore the world without worrying about your child’s safety. Many people are misinformed about why car seats are important and how to use them correctly. So, here’s where we separate facts about car seats from fiction.

Your Child Should Never Ride on Your Lap

It’s natural for parents to imagine the safest place for their baby is right between their arms. However, this is not the case when you’re inside a moving vehicle. No matter how slow you’re going or how short your trip is, you should always put your toddler in a car seat.

Kids Don’t Hate Car Seats as Much as We Think

Kids are curious, fidgety creatures, for better and worse, so you’re not at fault for assuming they will hate the restrictions of a baby seat. Here’s the thing about car seats: the more you make them a part of daily life, the less your kid will kick up a fuss.

Newborns Aren’t too Delicate for Baby Seats

Infants are delicate, and it can be tempting as parents to wrap them in bubble wrap and keep them tucked in close. However, modern baby seats are built for absolute comfort and safety, so you can rest easy knowing your child is secure.

Car seats for toddlers and babies are an absolute must-have for every parent. Under New Zealand law, all children under seven must use a car seat appropriate for their age, size, and development.

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