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A healthy indoor climate for more well-being

The ideal indoor climate is composed of a combination of an optimal room temperature and appropriate air humidity. A healthy indoor climate is most important in children's' rooms, as children are particularly susceptible to the effects of fluctuations in air humidity and temperature. Air that is too dry, too humid, too warm or too cold may compromise your baby’s sleep, and can even cause chronic health complaints.
The HygroTemp hygro-thermometer allows you to monitor the room’s air humidity and temperature at all times, and create a healthy climate.

Always the right temperature in the child's roomthanks to an optical indicator

The thermometer function displays the temperature in the room at all times. It will also indicate whether the air is too cold, too hot, or at an optimal temperature. HygroTemp has been fitted with an optical temperature indicator for this purpose. Its different colours indicate the current temperature in the room: it will light up in blue up to 15°C, in green between 15.1°C and 20.9°C, in orange between 21.0°C and 26.9°C and in red if temperatures are above 27°C.

Reliable protection from unhealthy air humiditywith optical warning function

The optimal air humidity indoors lies between 40% and 60%. Too much humidity creates ideal conditions for mould, pollutants, allergens and odours. Air that is too dry can lead to irritated airways, dry and itchy skin, and rashes. The hygro-thermometer indicates with a softly pulsing light when the air gets too dry or too humid, allowing you to investigate the causes and restore ideal conditions quickly.

Easy to readwith large LCD display

The hygro-thermometer provides information about air humidity and room temperature by way of a clearly structured LCD display. The digital display provides clearly legible information even at a distance and, thanks to the illuminated display, even in the dark.

Child-proof and child-friendlydesign meets safety

The pleasing design with embossed stars turns the device into an attractive eye-catcher in the room. Its shape has been designed especially without sharp corners or edges, to keep your child safe. Its soft silicone casing is particularly robust and prevents damage in case of tumbles off shelves caused by romping toddlers.

For a pleasant sleeping environmentcan be used as a night light

The optical temperature indicator illuminates the HygroTemp in red, orange, green or blue. The muted light of the overall silicone casing means the device doubles up as the perfect night light. It will give just enough light for your child at night, without disrupting sleep. The gentle colours create a cosy environment and a sense of safety, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably.

Flexible usewith a choice of battery or cable operation

The hygro-thermometer may be operated with batteries. This turns it into a flexible unit that can be used anywhere in the house, independent of power supplies. The child-proof battery compartment is secured with screws, ensuring that your child does not come into contact with the batteries.
The included USB micro cable allows you to operate the device from a socket if required.

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