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Toys are important for young children for a variety of reasons. They engage the child’s senses, familiarising them with their surroundings and how the world feels, looks, and sounds. Toys encourage interaction, help develop hand-eye coordination, and help with physical development. They also provide comfort and familiarity providing great ways for parents to calm their children down in stressful situations. These high-quality real-world toys like swings and comfort blankets provide these benefits at a greater rate than digital alternatives, fostering healthy imaginations and risk/reward thinking. We supply from the most trusted brands such as:


The SOLVEJ are manufacturers of high-quality toddler swings, which will grow with your child and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Skilfully crafted with the most durable and comfortable materials these swings can be handed on to future generations.

Done by Deer

For comfort and familiarity, you can also buy our oh-so-soft comfort blankets from Done by Deer which have a Velcro clip to keep your child’s pacifier nearby. They also have a cuddle friend which will keep your baby feeling safe and comforted even when you’re not around.

Baby Noise

Introducing hand-painted Musical toys to your children that will encourage imaginative play, relaxation, and advanced hand-eye coordination. Baby Noise has been specifically designed for small hands and has a wide range of instruments to promote listening, playful interaction, sensory learning, and musicality.

Dimples Toys are Made for Your Children

If you want to learn more about the tot toys we stock here, contact us directly and our friendly team will be able to run you through the options available. For toys that have been designed, manufactured, and supplied to the highest standard, shop with us at Dimples.

Toys are an important factor in your baby’s development. When choosing these toys getting the best quality will keep your little ones entertained and will help the toys last longer so that they can be passed down.

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  1. Tilly Golden Retriever
    Jelly Cat
  2. Cotton Lounger Cover
    Little Bee by Dimples
    Special Price $47.99 Regular Price $59.99
  3. Cotton Lounger Cover
    Little Bee by Dimples
    Special Price $47.99 Regular Price $59.99
  4. Cotton Lounger Cover
    Little Bee by Dimples
    Special Price $47.99 Regular Price $59.99
  5. Cotton Lounger Cover
    Little Bee by Dimples
    Special Price $47.99 Regular Price $59.99
  6. Fuddlewuddle Ginger Cat
    Jelly Cat
  7. Fabian Frog Prince
    Jelly Cat
  8. Bashful Bunny Small
    Jelly Cat
  9. Bashful Pegasus Medium
    Jelly Cat
    Out of stock
  10. Bashful Panda Medium
    Jelly Cat
  11. Bashful Dino Huge
    Jelly Cat
    Out of stock
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