Children's Books

Why Do Kids Need Books?

Children's books are like a magic portal to a world of wonder where kids can learn new words, explore exciting adventures, and develop their imaginations. But it's not just about having fun - reading is essential for a child's development.

Reading to kids helps build their language skills by introducing new words and expanding their vocabulary. It also nurtures their imagination and creativity, fostering critical thinking skills and the ability to visualise stories. Sharing books creates a strong bond between parents and children, promoting empathy and social skills. Moreover, early exposure to reading instills a lifelong love of learning, making children curious and eager to explore the world. Parents can lay the foundation for their child's intellectual growth and development by making reading enjoyable.


Embark on Reading Adventure with Dimples

Our carefully curated selection of kids' books encompasses a wide range of genres. So, take the first step into a world of imagination and knowledge. Browse our diverse children's books online and embark on a reading adventure to inspire, educate, and captivate your child's heart and mind

Are you ready to take your little ones on a magical journey through the pages of our handpicked children's books? At Dimples, we have a treasure trove of charming stories and colourful illustrations to capture the hearts and imaginations of kids of all ages. From classic tales we all know and love to new and exciting adventures, our selection of NZ kids’ books has something for everyone.

Browse our selection online and watch your little ones grow into avid bookworms!

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  1. All Kinds of Cats Book
    Jelly Cat
  2. If I Were An Owl
    Jelly Cat
  3. I Might Be Little Book
    Jelly Cat
  4. If I Were A Bear Book
    Jelly Cat
  5. If I Were A Bunny Book
    Jelly Cat
    Out of stock
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