Bassinet Mattresses

What to Consider When Buying a Bassinet Mattress

Ensure the Fit is Snug

Finding the perfect fit is key! When it comes to bassinet mattresses, it's crucial to ensure they snugly match your baby's bassinet. Take a moment to measure the inside dimensions of your bassinet, guaranteeing a flawless fit. Keep in mind that different bassinets come in various shapes. You'll know the mattress is the right fit when you can't squeeze more than two fingers between the frame and the mattress.

Support Means More Than Cosy

While we all want our little ones to be cosy, it's essential to prioritise their safety. So don't be turned away by a firm mattress! Soft bedding might unintentionally cover their delicate mouth and nose during sleep, posing a suffocation risk. When selecting a mattress for your baby, it's important to prioritise firmness and flatness. Striking this balance should be the primary consideration regardless of whether your little one sleeps on their back or stomach.

Avoid Mould with Water-Resistance

Since mould thrives in damp conditions, it's wise to consider a waterproof bassinet mattress or cover to keep it at bay. When choosing a cover, ensure it fits your crib mattress perfectly. Opting for the same brand often simplifies this task. While many waterproof bassinet mattresses feature vinyl or polyethene surfaces, we understand that some prefer natural alternatives. That's why we offer organic options, like wool, which naturally resists mould without any chemical surfaces.

Babies can spend up to 16 hours sleeping every day, so ensuring you have the perfect platform for them to drift off in is essential. Explore our range of bassinet mattresses and give yourself and your little one the sleep you both deserve.

Dreams take a cuddly turn at Dimples with our range of bassinet mattresses. With a sprinkle of softness, our mattresses transform bedtime into a breeze. From fluffy clouds of organic cotton to hypoallergenic snugglers and memory foam huggers, we have a mattress to make every naptime a dream come true.

Get the sleep you and your Bub deserve by exploring our range of bassinet mattresses below.

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