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Baby Grooming Tips

Become a Master of the Bath

Plenty of babies love to splish-splash around in the bath, but many others will fight you tooth and nail the entire time. Stick to the ten-minute rule to get your little one happy in the tub. A baby’s skin is very delicate at early ages, and soaking for any longer than 10 minutes can damage their skin. Dimples stock a range of bath grooming products to ensure you can get your little one in and out of the tub as fast as possible.

Manage their Delicate Hair

Your baby’s hair will likely fall out and grow in funny patches. Their head may even peel but don’t panic; this is nothing to worry about and completely normal. The most important thing to remember when managing your baby’s hair is to be gentle. Just like their skin, babies’ heads are sensitive at early ages. If your baby has any hair, ensure you are brushing it with a soft hairbrush. We have a range of baby grooming hair products for you to choose from.

Keep Nails in Check

Babies tend to scratch their faces and other parts of the body, so it’s vital to trim their nails regularly. Dimples stock a range of baby grooming nail kits to help make this process as smooth as possible. Try clipping their nails during a nap or right after a bath when they are feeling relaxed.

Dimples stocks a range of high-quality baby grooming products to help keep your little one clean, healthy, and comfortable. These baby grooming kits take care of everything, from your baby’s teeny toenails to their delicate hair. Explore our selection below!

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