Luxurious nappies you can trust at everyday prices.

At Noopii® we care about you, your baby and our planet. That’s why we’ve created a nappy inspired by nature. Noopii® disposable nappies are made from largely sustainable and renewable materials with added New Zealand Manuka Hydrosol and cotton, making our nappies the natural choice for the health of your baby and our environment. Our nappies are super soft, comfortable, breathable, hypoallergenic and made without chemicals, perfumes, lotions or latex. Better for baby and better for our world.

Our nappies are unique. They contain Manuka Manuka Hydrosol, derived from Manuka Essentail Oil. This addition of Manuka Hydrosol means we’ve created nappies that are naturally antibacterial; inhibiting the growth of bacteria, preventing nappy rash.

At Noopii® we want to make a positive contribution to healthcare and our environment, by making simple everyday products that are better for our world. Our nappies and pants are only the beginning.

Made with a breathable cotton blend nappy outer antibacterial Manuka for natural comfort and softness.

All of our nappies nad pants are performance driven with up to 12 hours of leak protection to keep your baby dry. 
Hypoallergenic and dermatest certified to ensure our nappies are the saffest for the most delicate skin.
The combined sustainability of our nappier, paper packaging and cardboard freight cartons is 85%.

Noopii® exists to have a positive impact on our environment by reducing plastic going into landfills, off-setting our carbon footprint by supporting the 1 million trees planted campaign and contributing funds to reforestation and species recovery programmes.

Noopii® products are made from 70% sustainable and renewable materials. We aspire to always do good and we are constantly improving our products as new materials are developed and technology is advanced, so will our sustainability.



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