Which one? Sleeping Bags vs Sleepwalkers

Little Bee by Dimples Sleeping bags and sleepwalkers are a great and useful option for every modern family. They are a safer alternative to bedding and are a great way to start a bedtime routine. With there being many different options, it can be hard to decide which option works best for you and your little one.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags are more suited from Newborn as the snap domes on the arms create a snug fit, and are for use while your baby is still in a cot as they are not needing to get up and walk around.


Benefits of a Sleeping bag:

  • Regardless of how much of an active sleeper your baby is, unlike blankets that can go flying off, these will remain in place which will continually keep them warm throughout the night.
  • They are a great transition to end the use of swaddles or sleep pods, it will remain secure in place and have contained and cosy feeling they are familiar with.
  • A two-way zip around the outer edge and a dome shoulder allowing super easy access for dressing and night-time nappy changes.
  • You can layer up your baby with sleepwear underneath to ensure they are cosy and warm



Sleepwalkers are a safe alternative for babies who are becoming more active and have transitioned into a toddler bed. In addition to being able to double as a sleeping bag and a comfy suit for little ones, sleepwalkers offer a multifunctional design to them making them ideal for babies crawling and walking and even for kids up to 2 - 4 years of age.


Benefits of a sleepwalker:

  • If they are more active in their sleep or beginning to walk or climb around, it will allow more range of movement
  • The long length allows this to act as a sleeping bag during the night, upon waking up the legs can be pulled through to allow your little one to safely walk and move about.
  • They are a safer option for when your toddler is getting themselves up in the morning


Newborns can often sleep better when swaddled – mimicking the snug feeling of the womb, helping to calm your baby and get them ready for sleep. Find out more about our Snugglewraps and Sleep Pods.


What weight is suitable for you?

Now that you have decided on Sleeping Bag vs Sleep Walker, it is time to decide what weight you are needing to keep your little one snug and warm through the night.

Our All-season weight combines a 100% Organic Cotton outer with 100% Merino Lining. It is recommended for room temperatures of 18-24°C making it suitable to use all year long.

For those cooler nights, our Duvet weight sleep solutions have a 100% Organic Cotton outer, are lined with 100% Merino, and have a layer of cotton wadding between them. Made of natural fibres the cotton wadding is appreciated for its softness and suppleness which will leave your baby feeling super snug and cosy while they sleep. Duvet weight is suitable for use in rooms with a temperature of 12-18°C.


Why do we use Merino?

Warm and breathable, merino wool fibres trap warm, dry air, and release moisture. This magical combination of properties has been scientifically proven to help your baby stay peacefully asleep throughout the night. They’ll stay warm as it gets cooler and won’t overheat making it the perfect combination for use in any season. We recommend layering up with Merino wool underneath your Sleeping Bag or Sleepwalker when the nights get cooler. You should check your baby behind the next to ensure they’re not too hot or cold and layer up or down accordingly. Keep in mind that it’s safer for babies to be cooler rather than too hot when they sleep.

Whether you have chosen the Sleeping Bag or Sleep Walker, both options have positive associations to give your little one a better night’s sleep. These sleep solutions are a safer alternative to blankets as they do not run the risk of covering your baby’s face giving you a sound of mind knowing that your baby is safe whilst sleeping.

We recommend the rotation of two sleeping bags/sleepwalkers per season for ease of use and are a great option for travelling away from home. Use regularly to create a consistent bedtime routine and sleep cue for your baby.