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Rite Aid - Hydrogel Breast Discs

Rite Aid - Hydrogel Breast Discs
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These breast discs are designed to cool and soothe cracked and sore nipples. 

An advanced treatment for broken skin, creating the optimal condition for healing.

  • Soothes sore and cracked nipples
  • Worn next to your breast
  • Creates the optimal moist environment for healing broken skin
  • Restore skin's natural moisture
  • Provides a barrier against bacteria
  • Cools irritated skin
  • Place in fridge for added cooling relief
  • Pack of 12

Before breastfeeding, remove discs from nipples and place on a clean surface. Wash and dry nipples before reapplying discs.

Use in addition to breast pads for added protection against leaks

This is not a reusable product, and needs to be disposed of at the end of the day when the sticky adhesion has lost its stickiness.


These breast discs are amazingly soothing. Being a FTM my breasts were so sore and I started getting cracked nipples which wasn't helped by my baby's lip tie (which has since been sorted) but these were a godsend and I'm already recommending them to friends who are pregnant so they have some on hand ready to go! Emily

So soothing for swollen sore and/or cracked nipples. Especially if you put them in the fridge first! Great for new mothers in those first few weeks of breast feeding. Sarah

These discs are worth their weight in gold... I used my first disc after my son had 'attacked' my nipples for 2 days and they provided instant relief from pain and helped reduce cracking etc such that the next feed was relatively painless!! I totally recommend storing them in the fridge for that extra relief. Lisa

Best product ever - without the Hydrogel breast discs, I would not have been able to keep breastfeeding. Really helped with healing and soothing while I was just learning to breastfeed with my first baby. SO good. Kelly


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