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Free Sleep Help

Would you like some free sleep help? Email our sleep hotline -

Mother of 14 and owner and founder of "Dimples by Jane Anne", is working in conjunction with Dorothy Waide, Baby Sleep Consultant ( to provide you with this free sleep help.

Jane McAllister

Meet Dorothy Waide who is a Baby Sleep Consultant ( who can offer you a wide selection of paid consultation services to meet your requirements.

 Dorothy's motto is Don't be Afraid to ask for help

My passion for helping parents with newborn babies and toddlers is immense. I take a holistic approach to my work that takes into consideration all aspects of your family’s needs, your environment and lifestyle.I recognise that in today’s society we have lost the traditional ways of passing down the fundamentals of ‘mother craft’. I take pleasure in helping to reintroduce this important process to my families.

I qualified in 1973 as a Karitane Nurse. Since 1990, I have been based overseas in the USA, UK, Asia and Australia. My passion as a dedicated post partum care provider has earned me a worldwide reputation and my ‘baby whisperer’ title. I have even been fortunate enough to share the homes of the rich and famous including Hollywood royalty, down-under A-list actors and leading business people.

Although I continue to offer support and advice to families around the world by phone and internet, I have now returned home to New Zealand to share my wealth of knowledge and experience in the homes of families here.

Dorothy Waide can then offer you on going support through her Baby Sleep Consultation company Baby Help - if required.  Dorothy has a wide selection of paid support options that you can choose from.

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Product Information

We can offer Sleeping Solutions product information which can help you with sleep issues and to establish a good sleeping routine right from the start!

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Terms and Conditions:

*For sleep issues that require more in depth answers, Dorothy Waide can offer you a selection of paid consultation services. Read all about Dorothy in the Support section below.

*All Sleep Help emails and replies may be used on our Website and/or Facebook page as a resource of information for other parents.  Please be assured that all references to names and any other personal details will be removed from the Sleep Help email and reply before being used so to ensure complete anonymity.

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