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Dorothy Waide - Baby Sleep Consultant

Dorothy Waide - Baby Sleep Consultant (

Dimples by Jane Anne is very proud to announce the endorsement of Dorothy Waide Baby Sleep Consultant – Baby Help.
Dorothy has been working with Mums and their babies for over three decades. Since her return home to New Zealand in 2010, Dorothy has been guiding and supporting mothers through the conflicting advice on how to care for their babies in those first few years. Dorothy provides parents with the tools and encouragement to believe in themselves as parents and enjoy their babies and their journey.
Dorothy is also the OHbaby! Magazine in-house Sleep Expert Advisor.

Meet Dorothy in the below video:

I have been involved with parents and babies for over three decades and in that time I have seen many different techniques and theories used to care for a new born. In that time I myself have changed from a background of rigid routines, CIO for babies to nurturing with flexible routines, giving babies the right and ability to find their own sleep rhythm and intervening at an appropriate time to help them fall asleep.

The appropriate time depends on you and your baby.  I am often asked what my theories and reasons are for doing something and the best way I have to explain this is I take the best from both sides of parenting and find a flexible and nurturing middle ground that works for Mum, baby and family. If we could do this more often we would find that our parenting journey would be more balanced.

I pull from my knowledge and background experience of over 21 and a half years overseas of in-home care supporting mothers from different countries and cultures in their journeys as parents and have seen many ideas and theories tested and have been adjusted to suit each individual mother and baby.

No baby is the same and I believe each baby should be looked at as an individual and their needs fulfilled completely. When working with mothers and babies, I take into account the scientific and medical theories, and together with my knowledge and experience endeavour to put in place nurturing boundaries that work within a family environment and be adjusted accordingly to each situation.

Jane from Dimples by Jane Anne and myself have joined together with our knowledge and experience to offer support services for parents and their babies: the first is our Free Sleep Help Hotline, where parents can email and receive information and support with their little ones from sleep and settling, feeding and everything in between.
I am currently working with Jane from Dimples by Jane Anne in setting up our Sleep Help - Thrive and Survive the First 12 Weeks, parenting classes that provide parents with the tools, confidence and knowledge to nurture and care for their baby in the first 12 weeks of life.  This will cover all aspects of parenting from sleep and settling, feeding (breast and bottle), burping, bathing and how to set up a nursery.

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Everything you need to know to be able to relax, nurture and enjoy your new baby.
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